How ENTAM 2.0 works: Procedure for recognition of test reports


Board of Directors  BOD
National Reference  NR
Team of Competence  ToC
Technical Instruction  TI
Test Report  TR
Testing Station  TS


The recognition process is a key activity for the ENTAM Network as stated in the Agreement.

This procedure applies to Entam Members that are entitled and recognized to perform tests on a specific category of agricultural machines. The accreditation of a Member’ TS is awarded by the ToC with expertise in a specific category of agricultural machines and ratified by the BoD.

Every ToC has the task to modify and up-date the TI and TR layout when necessary and the BoD to approve and ratify.

For TR’ performed by Entam accredited TS belonging to an Entam Member the official approval is given if the Secretariat and the ToC are satisfied that the test was carried out in accordance with the procedures laid down in the TI.  An Entam certificate international identification number will  be given for every TR of an agricultural machine/components.


Procedure for the recognition.

A TR made by an accredited TS according to the latest version of the TI is forwarded to the Secretariat that will perform a formal check. The formal check implies the control of its content and the regular payment of fees. It is not the duty of the Secretariat to go into technical issues. Timing should be 7 days.

In case of non-conformities the Secretariat contacts the TS and informs the referring NR. The TS has 5 days to send beck to the Secretariat explanations; if not the TR is rejected and the process has to start again from the beginning.

Afterwards the Secretariat forwards the TR to the ToC for a technical check.

The ToC performs a technical check and if everything fulfills the requirements of the TI it’s forwarded back to the Secretariat for the release of the ENTAM Certificate with an ENTAM international identification number and all Member’ logos. Timing for checking should be 15 days + 10 days if there is any question to be sent to the testing station (for the examination of TS clarifications). If the ToC needs clarification on the technical content it may ask the TS or related NR for clarifications that the TS must send within a time limit of 10 days. This means that an “extra” 10 (TS) + 5 ToC) days might be needed.

This procedure can be performed only once. If after the first “round” there are still misunderstandings the issue will be discussed in the BoD.

After approval the ToC sends back the TR to the Secretariat and within 7 days the TR is published with Entam and Member’ logo and official number.

In the graphic the different scenarios are displayed.

One additional week might be added to the total timing: 29 + 7 and 49 + 7 and for special cases more time is allowed.

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