Procedure for the acceptance as an ENTAM 2.0 Testing Station

Every new or existing Member of the Entam network can ask to participate with an own testing activity of a typology of agricultural machines. The request has to be made to the Secretariat that will forward it to the specific ToC. The request should contain the following:

  • a detailed description of the TS already in existence and the legal basis upon which they test;
  • a list of agricultural machines that have been tested in the course of the previous years together with copies of any test reports that have been issued;
  • a report of national production and trade of agricultural machines (only for the typology of machines concerning the acceptance in the recognition process);
  • the availability of qualified testing staff;
  • a detailed list of testing equipment available together with technical specifications. The list should contain the equipment available to complete each test provided in the reference TI;
  • a Quality Manual and/or official accreditation are welcome.

All the above mentioned information will be forwarded by the Secretariat to the specific ToC.

The ToC will evaluate the request and if required a visit at the testing facilities might take place to ascertain that adequate technical and administrative facilities are available.

The decision of the ToC will be ratified by the BoD.

This procedure for the acceptance in the recognition process is also for the existing Entam Member’s Testing Stations starting to perform tests in a new typology of machines.

No fee will be paid in this case.


Do you need support to test your agricultural machinery?