Procedure for acceptance of a new member


In this document the procedure for the acceptance of new Members, the acceptance in the ToC and in the recognition process are regulated. The 3 steps might be considered as 3 different membership status according to the possibility to take part in different levels of activities. Every level is subsequent to the approval of the previous.

As mentioned in the Annex for the recognition of TR the accreditation of a Member’s TS is awarded by the ToC that has competence in the specific field (or specific category of agricultural machines).

Procedure for the acceptance of a new Member

This procedure applies for the request for membership in the ENTAM Network.

The application of a new Member to the ENTAM network is based on the fact that he’s interested in the activities stated in the Agreement.

It is possible to have more than one Member for one country but every country has only one vote in the BoD and Assembly.

The procedure provides for a request to be made to the Secretariat that will perform a formal check based on the history of the applicant and then it will be forwarded to the BoD for the final proposal to be ratified by the General Assembly by majority.

The new Member once being accepted by the General Assembly will pay the entrance fee and the annual fee as stated in the Agreement and will agree with all rules and regulations of the Entam network.


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